• Hello
    where to get sellinam .
    my mobile Phone model

    Samsun GT-S5230
    i am from Germany
    best regards

  • is there any application available for symbian 3rd edition , even nokia E71 doesnt support tamil font . It is so much useful if u create for Nokia community .

  • admin

    We do have Sellinam on Symbian and other Java enabled phones. However, it requires mobile operator support and that is only available in some countries.

    In India, it’s available through Aircel. In Singapore and Germany, you may send a request to a local number. Email us for details: sellinam.help@gmail.com

  • i am searching for tamil software to use to type tamil smses for my fellow tamil brothers, till todate i could not find any. I am using Nokia E52 phone

    can any one help me on this


  • MT

    iOS4 supports Tamil rendering, I want Tamil input opportunities…. PLS more keyboard choices, than Anjal! i need TAM99!

  • admin

    MT, We’d love to support Tamil99. The only issue is the keyboard layout on the iPhone that does not have the semi-colon, comma, square brackets, dot and slash on the same mode. Users will have to switch keyboard mode to get these characters. This defeats the design-purpose of the Tamil99. We did Anjal first because it was the easiest to implement. We do understand the requirement for T99 and we are constantly looking at ways to do that. Thank you.

  • Anbu

    Good Job Mr. Muthu.

    It works fine in IOS4 in my 3GS ad in 3G.

    Is there any plans to add a Tamil Keyboard. When we type in tamil. I love to see Tamil in the Keyboard.


  • R.Dhakshinamoorthy

    I am using Nokia 6120classic, s60v3 OS. I need this tamil software. How i get this. Please helpme

  • admin

    Dear Dhakshinamoorthy, S60 series devices do not support Tamil internally. There are many technical limitations in the device when it comes to supporting languages like Tamil on the device. We hope future devices will include Tamil support natively so users will not need to download an app. Our current focus is on smart-phones and hopefully this will encourage vendors to add support in feature phones as well as other low end phones. Thank you.

  • sakthi kumar

    Is there any possible to add tamil font direct to the iphone4 key board! Now i am typing on sellinam then i copy and paste! Please advise! Thanks!

  • ahamed

    i want to read tamil news nokia e7 mobile online what we should do to read

  • admin

    Dear Ahamed, We no longer build Sellinam for Nokia phones.

  • admin

    Dear Sakthi Kumar, you may want to give Apple this feedback. The address is http://apple.com/feedback.

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  • samsun

    Is there any tamil software for blackberry 8520 , please help ?

  • admin

    Dear Samsun, we do not know of any Tamil software for Blackberry.

  • i want type tamil letter how?

  • admin

    Dear Bernard, You may want to download Sellinam on your iPhone.

  • Good

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