Tamil99 Keyboard

The Tamil99 keyboard in Sellinam is based on the keyboard approved by the Tamil Nadu Government. Consonants are mostly on the right and vowels are on the left.

The following changes are made in Sellinam to adapt Tamil99 for mobile devices:

1. Rearrangement of keys

Some keys are re-arranged to fit a maximum of 11 keys in a row on the first two rows and 8 keys on the third row to make room for larger ‘shift’ and ‘delete’ keys.

2. Placement of Pulli

The pulli key has been moved to the fourth row next to the space.

The rest of the functionality of Tamil99 remain unchanged. The following are some of the features:

A. Consonant-Vowel: When a vowel is typed immediately after a consonant, it will send the corresponding vowel-sign instead of the vowel. Example: ச எ will produce செ. Note that there should not be a space in between the letters.

B. Auto-pulli: When a consonant is typed twice, the first one automatically gets a pulli. Likewise with the combinations: ம்ப, ங்க, ஞ்ச, ன்ற, ண்ட, ந்த. To avoid the auto-pulli insertion, type ‘அ’ in-between the consonants. For example, கஅக will output கக without adding a pulli to the first க.

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